October 1, 2010

Curtain Call, Places, Action!

Tonight is the 4th performance of 6 of Larry Shue's comedy, "The Foreigner"
at the Purchase Players Community Performing Arts Center.
I will be playing Catherine Simms- a beauitful, wealthy, ex-debutante.

Before I tell you what it is about let me tell you the preluding story. 
Once upon time in a small town in Western Kentucky, there was a family made up of an American (dad), a Francais (mom), a Brit(my husband) and an American Francais (me). The Francais saw the sign for auditions for the Foreigner and thought she'd be perfect, however to her dismay they needed a male foreigner. The Brit would be perfect if only the directors could talk him into it, which they did and also the American and his Amiercan Francais daughter.
Oh, how did this happen they all thought miserably? 
But practice after practice they grew to love it. 
With only one play under the American Francais's (me) belt, 10 years ago, she wasn't sure how this story would pan out. Thankfully, it turned out pretty well. With the three newcomers stealing the show
(If I do say so myself)!
And new dreams of becoming Hollywood's next best things!
(you never know, you got to dream BIG!)

Watch this space

Click here for play plot and program!

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