October 20, 2010

Fall Fashion Trend: #3 Over the Knee Boots

Now that we have our Aviator Shearling Jacket and a fall floral flowing printed dress, the next item to complete the perfect fall look is a pair of over the knee boots. From Dior to Tommy Hilfiger, to Hermes and Ralph Lauren they were seen all over in the Fall 2010 Collection Runway shows. Black, brown or tan, with rounded toes, heals an option, there is bound to be a perfect match for everyone this season. Just think Equestrian and Voila!!  

Straight from the Fall 2010 runway show is Dior's selection of over the knee boots. Being a huge fan of Dior, I have the Dior App on my Itouch and loved watching the compilation video of this collection. Everything about the show from the setting, to the lighting, to the music and most of all the selection of creations envoked a perfect fall wardrobe. There was feminine chic with layered, flowing dresses, equestrian style boots, hats, and fitted jackets and the colors- maroon, brown, cream, soft pink. How much more fall could you get?    

© Dior Fall 2010 Collection

Tommy Hillfiger is all laced-up.
© Tommy Hilfiger Fall 2010 Collection
Hermes is flying with style in black.

© Hermes Fall 2010 Collection

Ralph Lauren's selection is once again on my wish list (my favorite is on the left). Simple yet sophisticated.

© Photos Courtesy of Ralph Lauren
On the left is the Salome Vachetta Boot ($1250.00) where equestrian styling meets modern versatility. Luxe Italian-made with a glamorous over the knee silhouette made from tumbled vachetta leather= CHIC! Perfect for dressing up or down.
On the right is the Vallerie High-Heel Boot ($1350.00). Same vachetta leather with the over the knee silhouette just a higher heel that dresses it up that little bit more.  

Nordstrom has a great selection of over the knee boots this season. Here are a couple of selections I wanted to share to show the variety of choices there are out there. 
First there is the Frye "Shirley" Over the Knee Boot ($447.95). Equestrian-inspired leather can be worn over the knee or cuffed to add versatility to the style.
© Photos courtesy of Nordstrom

And lastly there is the Sam Edelman 'Pierce' Over the Knee Boot ($299.95). Supple leather with glossy decorative snaps line the side of boot. I really love the details and color of this one. Hits Equestrian right on the nail with a little added extra charm.

© Photos courtesy of Nordstrom

 What's your favorite over the knee boot style? Will you be getting a pair or have you already? I wonder, do you have to be 6ft for them to look good?

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