October 26, 2010

Fall Fashion Trend: #4 Capes

This week I bring you the 'CAPE'! With the weather getting a little cooler everyday and November just around the corner, the cape is the perfect fall trend to wrap yourself up in.

As life is circular, so is fashion. I love seeing how older fashion trends come back with an updated and modern twist. Look at the picture with all the beautiful, Victorian feminine hats and velvet capes. I love it. I do wish that we could get away with dressing like that but thankfully our generation fashion designers have taken the idea and given it a face-lift to fit the 21st century so that we don't stick out like sore thumbs.         
This fall there are great selections to choose from. From Burberry to Ralph Lauren to Topshop to one of my favorite stores, Anthropologie, there are capes with heavy or light fabrics and colors for all occasions. Think warm and cozy with a touch of military and you've got the perfect cape for fall!!  

First there's the Topshop selection which I'm rather liking as there are cape 'coats' as well as cape 'cardigans'. Love anything that I can wrap around me. 

One of my favorite bloggers, Brooke Hagel, is an awesome and fabulous fashion illustrator who has a great etsy shop called BrookLit, with her beautiful illustrations. When looking for cape inspirations, I happened to come across her caped "Dylan" illustration she did recently showing her take on the cape fashion trend which I'm loving, especially the color and the large button detail. Great job Brooke! This illustration is for sale in her etsy shop.    

Burberry hits the spot again with a heavy black zipped cape. Another variation of the great fall trend.

© Burberry 

Anthropologie can't do any wrong in my opinion from their clothes to their home collection to their ad campaigns. I'm loving everything about this cape with the funnel neck, buttons, hood and tweed fabric.

© Anthropologie

And last but not least, Ralph Lauren offers again a couple of great options for the perfect cape this fall. The first one is the chic leather-trim cashmere cape with a touch of leather and a 'swingy' shape made from soft Italian cashmere jersey-knit.   

© Ralph Lauren

They also offer the Dunlop oversized Italian shearling-trimmed collar cape, made from wool plaid giving it a vintage-infused feel.  
© Ralph Lauren

Are we into the capes this fall? Which one is on your list? 


  1. Thank you for the lovely mention! I've seriously been on the hunt for the right cape. I think I'm going to have to hit up TopShop! Great finds.

  2. I love Happycoat Capes as Claudia Schiffer and Kate Moss ware them ( see on pinterest ;-) )


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