October 5, 2010

Le Fin: All Good Things Come to an End

'The Foreigner' has now come to an end.
With 3 great performances over the weekend, we all ended on a high.
It was such a bittersweet moment to say goodbye to everyone, the stage and the spotlight.
All the time and effort put in drained you but the rush when the audience laughed and applauded made it all worthwhile. I've learnt so much about theater and acting and found a new found respect for those in the field.
It really is amazing how much goes into it and how little we as audiences take for granted when we go to see a show. If you ever get the opportunity to be part of a production, TAKE IT!
It's a great experience and mine was even better because I got to share it with my husband and dad.
We will be laughing and quoting the script from now on.
Also, being part of a community theater makes it even more special. You feel like you are adding something postive to the world knowing you are making people laugh and forget about their everyday problems.
And in return you get to meet some great people.
I will be doing it again soon, that is for sure.
Or I may try my hand at directing one day, or producing, who knows.
All I know is that the acting bug has bitten again!!

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