October 29, 2010



GL50 has been the United Kingdom’s leading restoration specialists since 2000 with James Perkins at the forefront, who in my opinion is a pure genius when it comes to the world of restoration and interiors. He has turned old, run down, all hope is lost, Jacobean, Georgian and Country Estates into masterpieces. He gets a lot of inspiration from Sir John Soane – the architect for the original Bank of England. As he says, "Soane’s approach to classical architecture was in fact progressive with great emphasis on light, space, and symmetry. He too incorporated many “cutting edge” building techniques, enabling the combination of traditional and modern to come together to provide us with buildings which are just as important today as they were when originally build." And I have to say James has perfectly combined traditional and modern in a way I've never seen before.

One of my favorite projects that he has done is Howsham Hall, a fabulous Grade 1 Jacobean Manor House that used to be a private school in the beauitful North Yorkshire only miles from where I use to live. Unfortunatley, I've only seen the property on-line. Last year we saw it on primelocation listed for 6 million pounds (yeah thats around $11m) and I fell in love with everything which is rare with me when it comes to some designs. I could imagine myself in that house without hardly changing a thing.

At that time I didn't do any research into the interior designer or even save the brochure and a few months later it was off the market. Yes, I know it's not like I was going to buy it but I just wanted to save those beauitful and inspiring photos for the future. But 2 days ago I came home and my husband told me the good news that it had been relisted and for a million pounds cheaper (yes, still out of price range unfortunatley) so he instantly saved the brochure for me and then I discovered the genius behind it all and now I'm hooked. So without further ado (and enough of my rambling), let me present you to my dream English Country home, Howsham Hall.

Beauitful isn't it? The muted Farrow and Ball paint colors throughout the house make it light, airy and crisp. The mix of traditional and modern decor pieces is perfect. From the fabric choices, to the resoration of the moulding, fireplaces and staircase, this house has really grasped my imagination.
AND there's plenty of room for everyone to come and visit or even live!!!

What do you all think??

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