October 13, 2010

Off the Press: Happy 1st Birthday Lonny Magazine!

Lonny Magazine has turned 1 

Since it's launch a year ago, Lonny magazine has made headlines throughout the online world. One of the top online magazines focusing on lifestyle and home decor, it's allows readers to have all the resources and information at one click of a mouse. When 'clicking' through the magazine, if you see something you instantly love, click on it and it takes you directly to the site. And because Lonny rounds up the best of the best for interior design, online shopping has just been made a whole lot easier. With it's 'freedom form page limit's', you get a whole lot more of what you love, along with blogger features and a look into some amazing homes of amazing people.
Speaking of bloggers, Cassandra Lavalle of the amazing blog, Coco and Kelley was featured in this month's issue with here artsy round-up. I'm loving so much of it: the rings, camera, IPod case, colored pencils (I love colored pencils). She hit arty right on the nail!  


With pictures of beauitful interiors throughout the magazine, it's difficult to choose which one is your favorite. But there are some things just stand out like the "I love you" pillow from Lulu dk. What an excellent personal addition to a master suite; quirky and sweet.

And the fabulous home of Celerie Kemble in New York looking over Central Park. Lucky, lucky woman. She has done such a beauitful job inside and out but especially with this patio. I can just imagine sitting out there with the family and friends this fall eating a nice meal sipping on hot cocoa or warm mulled wine with the view of Central Park and the changing color of the leaves. Your own little retreat. Perfect!!  

And of course, her own personal retreat, as she calls it, her dressing room. Which is to die for. The mix of white and black makes it so classy and chic and not to mention the beautiful mirror which adds light and depth into the room. Look at that shoe closet, if only my shoes were that organised and numerous. Saying that, I did go on a shoe spree this weekend, bought 3 pairs, a start to the 'collection'.  

I have to mention the article about Ralph Lauren's Pink Pony Charity which is featured in this month's issue and includes all the goodies you can buy with the pink pony on it, showing your support in the fight against breast cancer. Also remember the auction that is taking place on charity buzz this month. Check it out!! Even if it's just for fun.  

Photos courtesy of Lonny Magazine

What is your favorite article/picture in this issue of Lonny?

Happy Birthday again Lonny and may there be many more!!

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