October 22, 2010

SNAPSHOT: Pretty in Pink Party

The party was SO much fun!! It was great to get out and support a great cause. We both got to wear our new shoes (deals from a new store in our mall: shoe retreat), enjoy great music from Jennifer Fox, who is indeed as good as I was told. Her Lady Gaga covers were excellent, she did some Journey and Janis Joplin- all acoustic which I have to say is my favorite way of listening to music- it's so raw but pure at the same time and the voice is so rich. We got to meet the owner of the restaurant whose sister has been diagnosed with breast cancer and hadn't been out of the hospital for 6 weeks until last night. So it was nice to know that the money raised was going directly to help people like her.

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I got to meet AJ from the "AJ and Mitch show" on my favorite radio station electric 96.9. He's as cool in 'real life' as he is on the radio. BUT when I tuned in this morning to the show, I found out that I missed the best part of the evening. Right after we left a young girl and her boyfriend came in. She has faught breast cancer so Jennifer Fox got her up to share her story and brought everyone to tears and how her boyfriend has stuck with her through thick and thin. Next thing you know the boyfriend got up there with her, got down on one knee and proposed to her right there!!!!! How cool is that?!!! 
I couldn't believe I missed it. But the rest was a blast as I got to eat a maple creme brulee and a caprese salad and drink a nice 'pink' drink and laugh with my hubby!
Think I will be attending many more in the future.
(sorry there isn't many more pics- my battery ran out)

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