November 12, 2010

Letters of Fall

D is for Dresses

In honor of the CMA 44th Annual awards, I'm dedicating this post to Carrie Underwood's spectacular wardrobe dress changes. I loved each one for different reasons.
Here they are... Enjoy!!

Designed by Talbot Runhof

Designed by Ina Soltani and Jimmy Choo Shoes

Designed by Randi Rahm

Designed by Pamella Roland

Designed by Georges Shakra

Designed by Randi Rahm

all images via google

Which one is your favorite?

I have to say I love the Randi Rahm dramatic purple gown...breathtaking.


  1. I love Carrie Underwood!! And her style. I thought all her dresses at the CMA's were gorgeous beyond belief! My favorite was probably the purple one also, purple's my favorite color (: The cream short one with roses on the skirt is a close second though!

  2. Talbot Runhof is my fav. My least fav would be the Pamela Roland. She's so adorable though, I love the frilly and full dresses. And I want that short sequin dress for myself ;)


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