November 2, 2010

Once upon a time...

... there was a girl (me) who loved books! Not just reading them but collecting them and displaying them beautifully in her home. Unfortunately, she doesn't have the room to do so right now so she is going to live vicariously through these beautiful libraries that other books lovers have created. Enjoy!  

{all images via pinterest

What's your library style?


  1. I'd like to say my style is like these pics, b/c they're gorgeous. Though mine don't look that good. We do have an antique barrister cabinet that my husband's law books are stored in- I love that piece.

  2. we are building new bookshelves right now and i did an inspiration post similar to this a little while back. if you want more inspiration, check out

    or especially this:

    or this:

    wow.. i didn't realize i had done so many posts about bookshelves! am i a little obsessed? its easy to get obsessed about books, isn't it? i hope you can live more vicariously through these photos too. hopefully you'll have room to collect one day too!

    i personally like an old fashioned style library with lots of fine bindings, but i have mostly modern books. go figure.

    anyway, i just stumbled upon your blog tonight. its great. sorry for the long comment. i sometimes get carried away :) have a lovely evening.


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