December 14, 2010

Imagine.Create.Play Series #2

M is for Michaela Noelle Designs

For you today my fellow bloggers and friends, I have the second installment of the series:
 {Your Imagine.Create.Play}

Michaela from Michaela Noelle Designs is one of my newbie followers and friend. I was so excited when she agreed to be part of this series as we have so much in common with each other, number one being Interior Design. Raised in {sunny} California, she is now in {rainy} Seattle Washington studying Interior Design at Seattle Pacific University. 
She is definitely a talent to watch and I know she will go on to great things- just take a look at her beautiful blog with her inspiration and ideas.
Today she shares her imagination, creativity and playfulness.
So sit back, relax and enjoy!

Hello lovely readers of Imagine. Create. Play!  I'm so thrilled to be here for Amber's fun series.  These questions really made me think about the things that I love and what means most to me.  Here's what I came up with (:

You are stuck on a desert Island and you could only take 3 things:

Let's see...First, I would take my Canon Rebel T1i to keep me busy snapping pictures.

Second, I would need a cute bathing suit so I could tan all the time.  What can I say?! I'm a California girl!

And last but certainly not least, I'd bring my puppy.  Because really, she's too cute not to bring (:

An item on your bucket list

I really can't just choose one thing!  But because I'm an interior design major, one of the items at the top of my bucket list is to design and live in my dream home.  I want to do the floor plan, pick the finishes and everything!

Oh, and another random thing on my bucket list: I'd love to meet Carrie Underwood. She's my fav (:

Your holiday wish list:

Perfume: Poppy by Coach
Nordstrom Gift Card, or really anything from the store (:

A cream hat

And fun flowered headbands!

A past DIY project

Pine Cone Christmas Garland:
 Start with a bag of pine cones

Spray paint them white to make them look like snow!

Dip them in glitter so the sparkle (:

String them together by tying a knot at the top of each pine cone.

Hang them up on the mantel or wherever you'd like!

Finished product! To get the details and see more of our Christmas decor, go here.  

Your favorite song:

Favorite movie of all time:

Thanks so much for having me, Amber! It was so fun to answer all these questions.  Your blog is fantastic and you are so beautiful! Merry Christmas to all Amber's darling readers (:

Love, Michaela


  1. Love how you tied together your letter series with your feature series! Well done, Amber. And I adore Michaela and her blog. So fun to get to know her better here. :)


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