December 6, 2010

Letters of Fall: I is for {Sparkling} Ice

 Today I woke up to a beautiful sunny day where the snow glistened like diamonds and ice. 
However, the major downside is that the temperature is below freezing! 
So, I decided the best thing to do was to wrap up warm and cozy in my wool sweater and sit by the fire with a hot tottie {as I'm feeling a bit under the weather} looking at the beautiful scenery from the warm indoors.

Here is a look at some of the beautiful 'ice' scenery...enjoy from the comfort of your home!

© Amber Barnett 2010. All Rights Reserved.


  1. So pretty! I hope you're having a lovely time.

  2. these pictures are sooo pretty!!! if only there was a Christmas tree then it'll be a perfect picture for Christmas, just like those you find in movies and disney cartoons! instead, you found a rooster! haha sorry, being very random!


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