December 8, 2010

Letters of Fall: J is for Jack Wills

Today is dedicated to the most fabulous brand England has to offer, Jack Wills!
Jack Wills creates fabulously British clothing that draws inspiration from England's rich history and culture centered around the university and college crowd.
With their signature pink and blue stripes and Union Jacks galore, you can't get more British than this. And the best part of it is, is that everything is uber stylish. 
One day... my whole wardrobe will be full of Jack Wills! 
And for all my fellow Americans out there, do not fear for they have opened three stores on the east coast and you can now buy online. YEAH!! 
I love it when fashion brands share the wealth.
Enough of me blabbering... take a look at some of the picturess below that I took sneakily in the York, England store yesterday. Ssshhhh.... 

 You would not believe me even if I told you how this store is set out. The building is a house inside even though its on one of the main streets in York. There is four floors set out with all the amazing products placed around to resemble a large student house.

 There's bed and wardrobes, even a bathroom decorated with all the Jack Wills goodies. And all around is old revamped furniture, trunks and chairs. My idea of heaven...

 And the rest of the furniture with their signature pink and blue stripes is to die for...

 Just take a look at that lampshade...
 And last but not least the Union Jack chair...Isn't this something special? The pictures really don't do the place justice. I guess the best way to see it is to make a special trip over to England- I think it's a good enough excuse!!!

If you want more go visit their amazing website for their latest collection and don't forget to look at their selection of beautifully tailored Tweed Jackets.

All Photography © Amber Barnett 2013. All Rights Reserved. 


  1. FABulous. Bring me back something, please ;)

  2. Loving that pink and gray chair! Thanks for stopping by my blog today! You're so sweet (:


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