December 10, 2010

Letters of Fall: L is for Lights

It's that time of year where we start to decorate our houses and make them look all festive and pretty. I have to say my favorite part of this time of year is all the lights you see whether it's on people's houses, on city streets or on store fronts. 
But how about this for an your front lawn or garden??
Lighting Designer extrodinaire Bruce Munro creates fabulous lighting solutions for the interior as well as the exterior.
I've just come across an amazing display approiatley named "Field of Lights", he did in Cornwall, England for a large indoor eco global garden, The Eden Project {visit the site to see how amazing this place is}.
According the BBC, “Field of Light comprises over 15,000 individual lights. ‘Planted’ in a field of wild grasses and a crop of clover and barley, the sculpture slowly changes color, transforming from blue to pink, yellow, green and back to white.”

Munro’s inspiration from the press release:
"The field of light was originally conceived fifteen years ago during a trip through central Australia. The red desert had an incredible feeling of energy; ideas seemed to radiate from it along with the heat. The field of light installation was one idea that landed in my sketch book and kept on nagging at me; it just had to be done.
By placing an alien installation in the midst of nature, the enormous contrast created allows people to literally see the wood from the trees."

 Some of his other pieces of exterior work.

Isn't that tree absolutley beauitful. I'll take two please.
For more of his great work visit his site.

 What's your favorite 'light' feature?

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