January 25, 2011

Burberry and Testino Strike Again...

Burberry's Spring 2011 collection has really captured the bright, fresh colors that were all over the spring runways! And the best of all, Mario Testino is back to capture the British essence and pride of the Burberry brand. Enjoy the key looks of this season along with Pantone's Spring 2011 colors...  

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This spring defiantly looks like it's going to be all about the bold pastel colors.
Which color will you be?  


  1. Hi! Thanks for the sweet words today over on Chassity's blog! Yes, my brother does sell his work, and he also does commissions. He's only 15 and I've been on his case to get his work on Etsy! If your interested, email me [luxeandlillies@gmail.com] and I can have him email you his portfolio!

    P.s. I adore this post. Those bags are totally fabulous, but the pictures you chose to accompany them make them that much better!

  2. I really love how they played with water. It's really pretty!

  3. I love the bright colors!


  4. I love this so much, the campaign looks awesome. I'm really loving the greens and whites that were on the runway this season. Can't say so much for the orange...


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