January 7, 2011

O is for Olives

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Where do I begin?
Israel was absolutely amazing. What a place. 
Two full weeks off non-stop fun seeing the sights, tasting the delicious food and 
of course squeezing in some shopping. 
Our first day there, the sun was shining, it was the perfect temperature to walk around and we went to the famous market, Mahane Yehuda to stock up on tasty treats!
Fruits, breads, cheeses, hummous, olives, spices galore. 
It was beautiful to see all the colors and to smell all the smells.
An unforgettable and memorable experience. 
For lunch we went to a small vegetarian cafe tucked away in the market. 
Our first taste (but not our last) of Israeli hummous and it was rather tasty.  

Later that afternoon, we made our way to the Old City 
(we were staying right across from the city gates, so very handy). 
I was just in awe of being in a new place, trying to soak up everything I saw 
and snapping away on the camera (ended up going through 3, 4GB memory cards). 
Then we made it to the Western Wall, known as The Kotel. 
The most holiest place in the world for Jews as this is where God dwelt in the Temple. 
As I walked down to the wall, the wave of emotion that came over me was amazing.
I can't explain it with words. It's definitely one of my favorite moments of the trip.



  1. What a beautiful moment you must have had. Love that you're sharing the trip stories.

  2. Wow so gorgeous. I've always wanted to go to Israel. I wish I had done a birthright trip while I was still young enough. Sometime, hopefully, I will make it out there. Glad to have found your blog through Chassity!


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