January 20, 2011

Ringing in the New Year with Alex from Things That Sparkle!

It's almost the weekend and today I have Alex from Things that Sparkle to share her highlights, inspirations and forecasts for this year to motivate us till Friday! 
Her blog is full of everything she loves from fashion, to art, to interiors and speaking of interiors, she is going to be a household name very very soon, so watch her space!!
As her blog name suggests, she really does sparkle in the blog world with her daily inspirational posts and by just being herself. 
I'm so proud to turn it over to the beautiful Alex...

{Imagine:Highlights of 2010}

(A really gorgeous, girly room. Just the kind I hope to create more of. Via)

I would say the highlight of 2010 was taking a big leap of faith and quitting my job in advertising to pursue design school. I had worked in advertising for a couple years post college, and although it was really interesting and challenging, it never felt like the right fit. Finally, I left and enrolled in design school and have never looked back. I am graduating in August and cannot wait to start this chapter of my life. In the mean time, my blog gives me loads of inspiration and gets me even more excited for the future.

{Create: 2011 Inspirations}

(these are my sisters)

My family inspires me every single day. Sisters who are the most talented amazing people in the world. Parents who have followed their dreams. And a boyfriend who loves his career but always finds time for the hobbies he loves. To have people like this in your life, well, it just keeps you going every single day. They are truly incredible.

{Play: 2011 Forecast}

(This was in Cinque Terre last summer, I'm aiming for one adventure a year)

In this coming year I am looking forward to so many things.
* Graduating design school
* Starting a new career
* Continuing to grow my blog, and put a little more time into it
* Traveling to an exotic place I've never been
* Building a home with my boyfriend
* And hopefully, adding another puppy to our family

Thanks so much for inviting me over Amber! xoxo

Isn't she just simply fabulous. Alex I wish you a wonderful 2011 and may all your dreams come true, especially with graduating design school and becoming the greatest and most famous designer!!! 
So looking forward to seeing you and your career blossom into a beautiful tree!
If you're not following Alex and her sparkly blog then head on over there!
If you're over visiting, thanks so much for stopping by and say hello (don't be shy) and follow along on my new journey through the blog world!  


  1. Amber, you are too sweet. You really have me blushing over here. Thank you for inviting me over, and for your kind words. xoxo

  2. Love Alex & her blog :) Great pic of your sisters, I have 5 of them and love them to death.

  3. Great post. And I adore that first image of Amber, so so pretty. And yes, her blog rocks the hizzouse.

  4. There are most certainly big things in store for Alex- she one of the sweetest and most talented ladies out there! xoxo

  5. I'm fairly new to her blog and have been enjoying it ever since.

    Glad to hear more people are following their dreams. Rock on Alex!


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