January 13, 2011

Ringing in the New Year with Hannah at Coulson Macleod

Started almost two years ago, Coulson Macleod has become a global business selling limited, open and bespoke handmade typographic prints. To say these prints are amazing is a massive piece of understatement. A husband and wife team from the beautiful country of England, started with only passion and talent and have become so successful that they have sold their pieces in over 20 countries, been in countless magazines such as Elle Decoration/Interiors as well as Easy Living and Country and Town House, has had one of their bespoke pieces commissioned for a charity function and have recently become engaged. You can follow their journey to the aisle on their blog

I'm so honored to have Hannah (the Macleod part of the team) here today to be part of the series. Not only am I a big fan of their work but they are a fan of me as I am on their "We love blogs- Design/Lifestyle" list on their blog. I was speechless when I saw it! It's such a great feeling to know people out there love and read your blog!

Enough of me now... I am truly honored to present Hannah. Take it away... 

2010 Highlights:

Quite a few highlights.

The first highlight has to do with Emmy-winning celebrity chef Jamie Oliver. Coulson Macleod was asked to design a bespoke typographic print for The Jamie Oliver Foundation for their annual fundraising event, "A Big Night Out With Jamie." Our print was bid on, and finally went to David Ellender, Global CEO of Freemantle Media for £1,100. The money all went to the charity.

Special addition print created for the Jamie Oliver Foundation

Our second highlight was that Coulson Macleod was a finalist for International Trader of the Year award. Although we didn’t win, we were amazed to be up against some huge companies that have been operating for years. And we were only 18 months old at the time. And there’s just the two of us.

A personal highlight was Mark proposed to me on Christmas Day.

Written by Coulson for Hannah when they first started the business- aren't the words beautiful.

2011 Inspirations:

What inspires me to make 2011 an even better year than last? The simple fact that we love every single second of what we do. We’re passionate about Coulson Macleod. It is not a job. Nor a career. Nor just a business. It is our life. We’re insanely proud of what we’ve achieved in just under two years. We started the business with literally nothing, just a lot of passion. And now we’re a small, but global brand. Every time someone writes about us in a magazine or on a blog, it makes our hearts sing.

2011 Forecast:

Bursting with ideas. We have a couple of amazing collaborations already in the pipeline (which we can’t talk about just yet). Meeting and making more online friends through our Facebook page, Twitter, and on our blog. A lovely perk to spending so much time online is all the talented and friendly folk out there, who make life a real joy. And taking lots of time to plan our wedding in 2012.

Some more of my absolute favorites. You can find all these prints on their website.

Aren't they just an amazing team, perfectly made for each other. 
Coulson Macleod, I wish you all the best for 2011- may you have even more success and happiness! I look so very forward to seeing your collaborations in the near future. 

You must go check out the rest of their work on their website and follow them on their blog
I hope to buy a piece very soon but not sure whether to go with the Eiffel Tower or a piece from the Love collection or even the movie quotes... decisions, decisions. 
What is your favorite piece? I'd love to know. 

Follow along as I have more great bloggers coming up...

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