January 19, 2011

Ringing in the New Year with Roxy at My Cup of Te!

First I want to say thank you so much to all of you for your support and sweet comments about the guest post series over the past couple weeks- the response has been great and I've met some more great people and have found some more great blogs. 

Speaking of a great blog, today I have Roxy from My Cup of Te, a "delicious" blog about, and I quote, "Things that spark the imagination, awaken a dream, or simply produce a smile!" And that is exactly what Roxy's blog delivers. I'm so glad I found her blog and am so happy to pass the sparkly fun on to all of my lovely followers. Her writing is simply delectable and her posts always leave me feeling that little bit happier. 
So without further ado, I present to you the lovely Roxy!

Hi y’all! I’m Roxy Te from My Cup of Te.  Cheers to Amber for spreading the blogger love and so graciously asking me to be her guest today! I’m delighted to share with you my hopes, dreams, and all of the above!

Imagine: Highlights of 2010

Things I learned in 2010…

Sometimes the first path isn’t always the right one, and that’s okay!

Passion is contagious. I shared my excitement over blogging with this celebrity and soon found myself helping her write her first post! 

Appearances don’t mean jack. Be positive, give things a chance, and you’ll always find there’s a little bit of good hidden in everything!

The small niceties in life are sometimes what make it. Attempt a soufflé!  Buy a bell for your bicycle! Pop a bottle of champagne for no reason at all!

Create: 2011 Inspiration

I’m so grateful for the blogging community and all the amazing people who inspire me on the daily! Each one of you has helped re-awakened my personal dream to create for one’s self. Inspiration is everywhere and my top three are…

 My dear friends and family who are so supportive that they give me presents like this…A bottle of my favorite bubbly with a homemade tag dubbing it a Milestone Marker only to be popped once said milestone is accomplished!

And this…A book called Restoring a House in the City because it has always been one of my dreams to live in a beautifully renovated brownstone in the city! I keep it on my desk as a daily reminder as to where I’m headed…or at least I hope! p.s. Can you tell I love my cape too?

And lastly this quote from one of my favorite bloggers! (yay, bloggers!) Meg is an extremely talented writer who brings the mundane to life, and this year I find myself living by this quote that she wrote,


Play: 2011 Forecast

Write it down, get it done!

Mackenzie from Design Darling inspired me to make a 101 Things to do in 1,001 days list. Here are a few fun things I’d like to complete not long into 2011!
1.       Find a French pen pal (check!)

2.       Wear more pretty lingerie just because it’s fun to be a girl and we can!

3.       Re-kindle my relationship with my tailor possibly with fresh cut flowers or chocolates! Everyone should have a go-to tailor on speed dial.

4.       Drink more champers (life is a celebration!)

5.       Dust off my china and throw a smashing dinner party

6.       Invest in letterpress personalized stationary and write more hand-written letters (I’ve written 7 so far!)

7.       Have an official family crest designed to put on EVERYTHING.

Thanks again for having me Amber and cheers to all for a marvelous 2011!!
x’s and o’s,

Roxy, what a superb post- so fun and full of life and simply sparkly. 
I wish you a wonderful 2011 doing as many things as possible on your list! 
I really want a glass of champagne now, don't you? 
Show Roxy some love and go follow her, here!
If you've come over to visit, thanks for being here and would love for you to follow as I have another sparkly girl on tomorrow into design!


  1. I love Roxy's blog and enjoyed reading her here! 2, 3 & 4 are my favorites :)

  2. I just recently started following Roxy so it's nice to learn some more. Great feature, Amber. Oh, and I recently did a lingerie post too, I totally need to step up my game on that end...

  3. Great post from Roxy- I'm off to check out her blog some more:) xo

  4. Thanks Amber and thanks loves!! I'm blushing :)

  5. oh i just love roxy! can't believe she met and helped jane seymour - so fun! roxy - your passion is truly contagious :)

    so nice to meet you, amber!!


  6. Thank YOU Roxy for such a great and fun post!! xo

  7. Amber superb choice having the adorable super chic Roxy stop by for a guest post!

    Glad I found your blog!!

    xoxo- Tiffany



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