January 28, 2011

Words for the Weekend

“You're more likely to act yourself into feeling than feel yourself into action. So act! Whatever it is you know you should do, do it.”

Author unknown

It's FRIDAY!!!! 
Tonight is the opening night of "Dearly Departed", a comedy play about a group of eccentric and dysfunctional people living in the deep ol' south.
And I'm in the spotlight playing two characters...

One of which I'll be taking my cues from the awesome and talented Betty White who seems to get funnier with age. 
I have to admit it, deep down, I truly love it up there. 


Wish me luck!!


  1. Oh my gosh I had no idea that you were an actress! Good luck!

  2. I remember loving that play. Break a leg!

  3. I hope it went great! Sounds like tons of fun!


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