February 1, 2011

Chanel Spring 2011 Couture Collection

What truer words were ever spoken by the oh so talented Coco Chanel. From the very first moment Chanel stepped into the fashion scene till her last, she was just that, different. With her chic and sophisticated style that still shapes present day fashion and embodies the ultimate French woman, Chanel forevermore changed the way we look at feminine fashion with her use of textured and mostly black toned fabrics, masculine inspired tailoring and “more is less” ethos, rarely seem before on the runway.

To the pleasure of all of us ladies out there who adore her style, the name of Chanel still lives on in the form of a German gentleman who wears many talented hats: fashion designer, photographer, author and of course Chanel’s successor, Karl Lagerfeld. His dedication to fashion is admirable almost bordering on an obsession as he proved when he lost weight just to fit into more fashionable clothing items- the infamous skinny jeans.

As much as I am thankful that the name of Chanel lives on, with the simple yet striking interlinked letter C’s on the padded luxury handbags, the Coco Mademoiselle perfume and the beautifully sculpted jewelry line, I still get the feeling every now and then that somehow the true essence of Coco Chanel has been lost. Understandably, it’s difficult when a world renowned fashion name passes leaving behind such an amazing legacy and large and talented shoes to fill. In that regards, I respect Karl Lagerfeld for stepping up to the plate and taking the bat in the hand, ready to hit a home run. One can only imagine the pressure of taking on this role to revamp and recreate Chanel’s image and no matter what your opinion is of Karl Lagerfeld, you can not argue that he has made his mark on the House of Chanel and has hit some rather astonishing home runs which undoubtedly include his carefully created masterpiece fashion shows.

Often, I sit and daydream about what Coco Chanel would think if she were alive today to see the progression that has taken place in the fashion world. No doubt, she would hold firm to her words of always being different and thus it may not even matter to her what other fashion houses were creating. However my question that I would love to propose to her is whether or not she is pleased with the progression of the House of Chanel. In the 21st Century would she still be using her well known tweed fabrics or tailored skirt suits? Furthermore would she use Chanel jewelry tattoos, or questionable characters as her fashion show models or even show as much skin as some of Karl’s creations do? Maybe, I’m the one who isn’t in touch with my Chanel side and Karl Lagerfeld is. The man who dreams his next collection, waking up in the middle of the night to sketch and create and who has a very clear opinion on what a woman should physically look like and who doesn’t mind using real animal fur.
Despite it all, I look forward to every collection that comes from the House of Chanel with such anticipation, hoping that there will be a creation that catches my eye and more often than not there is something I fall in love with.
Nevertheless, I often get the feeling that without Coco herself running Chanel, it may never be the same again but there is a “je ne sais quoi” that comes along with the label Chanel that keeps me coming back for more.

This year’s Spring 2011 couture collection brought a shimmering of light delicacy and sparkle to the Paris runway. With embroidered spiderlike webs and 10 million beads used throughout the whole collection, the result was very de-“light”-ful.

The collection also encaptured the grace of a ballerina with its soft edges and flow of fabrics along with the pointy ballet flats and I must admit that the balletic themes in the collection grab my feminine and romantic heartstrings.

Enjoy the pinks, the blacks, the flats & the sparkly beads and gorgeous tweeds…     


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  1. I LOVED this collection- no big surprise with the palate and edgy femininity. This was a fabulous post-read every word! xo

  2. Big lover of pink, big lover of black, throw in some sparkle and I'm yours forever. Gorgeous.


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