March 30, 2011

If I were a cupcake...

Cupcakes come in all shades, sizes, flavors and icings.
With so many creative people out there, you can find almost any flavor you like for any occasion. 
Having just been to the famous Cupcake Collection in Nashville, TN, my mind is on cupcakes. We brought home chocolate, wedding cake, red velvet, carrot, lemon and strawberry flavored ones! Now the hard part is choosing which one is my favorite! 
Red velvet has always taken my fancy and I love vanilla buttercream... 
Rich and luxurious

Dear lovely followers, if you were a cupcake, which flavor would you be?

Do you like trying new flavors or prefer a vanilla cupcake with buttercream icing? 
Would love to hear your opinions and some flavor suggestions...

Here are a few selections I've spotted in my pinterest albums to get you kicked started!

Angel Food Cupcake

Oreo Cupcake

Cream Cheese Chocolate Cupcake

Caffe Mocha Cupcake

Green Tea and Strawberry Cupcake

Rasberry Lemon Cupcake

So tell me what's your favorite...


  1. What a neat post! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Any of the above.

    p.s. Thanks for stopping by my blog.


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