March 29, 2011

Raindrops are falling on my head

Today has been full of rain, rain and more rain. 
I should really be used to it, having lived in England for 10 years. 
But it's March...almost April and I'm ready for spring to makes it's full entrance. 
It's being fashionably late this year.

The silver lining to this cloud though is that without rain you wouldn't get pictures like this...

or be able to use this beautiful floral umbrella 

or wear these fashionably bold hunter wellies...

Admit it... rainy days= a great excuse to stay at home and do much of nothing!


  1. as a seattlite for the past 7 years i have learned to love the is what keeps seattle so lush & green, and yes! you do get to wear and use super cute raingear... & i think that there is something so romantic about rain... HOWEVER there does come a time {usually about now} where i just want it to stop so that we can move on the sunny skies already!!!

  2. That's an excellent way of looking at it - good thing since it is going to rain (again) here today.


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