April 20, 2011

 Having just finished the novel, Water for Elephants, I am more than excited to see the movie this opening weekend! 
The book is riveting as I have not ever read a book which surrounds the Circus theme with wonderful visual details.
I would highly recommend reading the book before seeing the movie. 
It adds to the experience of the movie knowing the details that are often left out and I feel that each one should be appreciated for what it is. I'm looking forward to seeing the wonderful world of the circus being brought to life on the big screen as well as the sparkling glamor Reese is going to bring!

You know where I'll be this weekend! 
How about you?


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  1. that book totally got me. i literally couldn't put it down when i read it last year.

    anxiously awaiting the movie... and love your style board :)


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