April 26, 2011

Just Imagine...

While I'm sat at home with thunder and lighting all around, I can only imagine being at the beach sitting on one of those decorative pillows

eating some delicious Indian cuisine

drinking a couple of chilled bottles of red wine

{my favorite wine: Cupcake
Highly recommend the Pinot Noir}

 listening to some acoustic guitar and looking forward to a relaxing dip afterwards. 

Anyone want to join me?


  1. I'm in, when are we leaving? That wine and the cupcake look too good for words. My bags are packed! Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting, I think i may need the yellow corset top!


  2. beach, indian food, wine...hmmm...is there really any good reason for me to say anything but YES? i think not! oh, and i can bring dan and he'll play that guitar! see you soon :)


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