April 25, 2011

Once upon a time

there was a beautiful princess

that lived in a far away land.

She was rather unhappy

quite unhappy, as she had not yet found her prince charming.

But with a little help from some fairy dust,

she met her prince charming and they fell in love.

The beautiful princess was oh so happy.

On her wedding day, she was adorned in white and sparkles

pink sparkles, of course.

Carrying a bouquet with the most beautiful flowers

down the most beautiful aisle, all fit for a true princess.

The prince and the princess then lived...

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With the upcoming nuptials of Prince William and Kate Middleton, the word princess has been on my mind quite a lot. What does being a princess entail? Spending all day in beautiful expensive dresses with people waiting on you hand and foot? Singing to animals who help with the housework? Never having to worry about anything ever again and being being happy forever and ever? Personally I wish it did entail the above, but even a real life princess would tell you there's a lot more to it and Disney has us all fooled. 
Or do they... completely? What Disney doesn't tell you is that you may not have the princess title or the big castle and collection of beautiful and expensive dresses. But what Disney does tell us is that ever girl, no matter who you are, deserves to find your own prince charming who will whisk you off your feet, love you with all his heart and promise you a life long partnership of making each other happy every single day. 
And the most important part of it all is remembering how blessed and fortunate you are when you do find that one person who makes you feel like the princess you always dreamed of being when you were a little girl. 
Everyone deserves to be that princess!


  1. such a sweet post! made me smile ... and I'll have to give my prince charming a thank you kiss later for sweeping me off my feet :)

  2. Love this post. Don't we all dream of being a princess without every really knowing what that even means?

  3. Aww I love the fairy tale. Indeed, every girl is a princess it's just a matter of if every girl acts upon it or not. :D


  4. Such a gorgeous post with such beautiful images! I cant wait for the royal wedding! xx

  5. That was adorable! Your blog is so sweet! Now following!


  6. oh i love this! what a great post!!!

  7. Well said, lady! Beautiful images, too :) Thanks for making me smile...and it's only 7:26AM over here! xoxoxo Brynn

  8. This post rocks my socks off. So cute. We all deserve Prince Charming.

  9. omg girl i ADORE this post and every. single. picture :) xo


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