April 6, 2011


Bold, Beautiful & Blond 
Vogue UK April 2011 issue features the gorgeous and oh so talented, Kate Winslet. 
In her New Look, New Life feature, she talks about her recent divorce and her life now.
If the photos say anything, they definitely say 
"I may have gone through a battle or two but I've come out it smoken hot"!  
And who photographed it, I hear you ask?
Well of course, my favorite photographer on the planet, Mario Testino. 
He is simply in one word a GENIUS. 
He's captured Kate's new look with such grace. 
A little mid-week eye candy pick me up!





all images © Mario Testino 2011


  1. Gorgeous photography of a gorgeous woman. I wish it was a little less airbrushed though. She's so natually beautiful.

  2. just discovered your blog . love it , simply inspiring .
    i'm a huge fan of kate winslet . she is gorgeous , always .

    i'd love for you to stop by:

  3. Dear Amber - Your comment on chic.little.blog absolutely made my day and I'm so glad you are enjoying reading! I'm happy to have found another big fan of Vogue UK - my guilty pleasure, and these images are lovely - love the dress with the keyhole back. Bisous.


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