April 29, 2011

A Royal Tribute

Newlyweds: Prince William and his bride Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, enjoyed the Royal Wedding cake at their reception
The ex factor: Both William and Catherine, pictured after their wedding at Westminster Abbey today, have remained good friends with their former lovers

Balcony kiss: Before the couple got to try the cake, they had their famous balcony kiss at Buckingham Palace in front of two billion people watching
The Dress
 Alexander McQueen, Designed by Sarah Burton 
Vogue Daily — Catherine Middleton and her sister, Pippa Middleton
The design: Individual flowers have been hand-cut from lace and hand-engineered onto ivory silk tulle to create a unique and organic design, which incorporates the rose, thistle, daffodil and shamrock.
The fabrics: French Chantilly lace was combined with English Cluny lace to be hand-worked in the Irish Carrickmacross needlework tradition.
The veil: The veil is made of layers of soft, ivory silk tulle with a trim of hand-embroidered flowers... and held in place by a Cartier ‘halo’ tiara, lent to Miss Middleton by The Queen.
  The bling: The earrings are diamond-set stylised oak leaves with a pear shaped diamond set drop and a pavé set diamond acorn suspended in the centre.  Inspiration for the design comes from the Middleton family's new coat of arms, which includes acorns and oak leaves. {via}
The Cake
Designed by Fiona Cairns
The masterpiece: Fiona Cairns, stands next to the wedding cake that she and her team made for Prince William and his wife Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, in the Picture Gallery of Buckingham Palace

    Fruity! The new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are fans of the baker's fruit cakes, while Paul McCartney orders one for Christmas every yearFruity! The new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are fans of the baker's fruit cakes, while Paul McCartney orders one for Christmas every year

With over 900 symbolic sugar-past flowers and standing at 8 tier's tall, the cake reflects and echoes all things Royal and Romantic. The intricacy and detail of the cake is partly due to the use of the Joseph Lambeth technique of cake decoration where intricate piping is used to create the3 dimensional adornments of the cake. The aspect of the cake that touched me the most was the fact that Kate specifically asked Fiona to incorporate 17 different blooms and foliage for their meaning and symbolism- known as the language of flowers. This to me is the epitome of romance and shows how deep her love runs for her Prince. Reading through the list below shows the importance of symbolism at such a monumental event in one's life:

Rose (white) - national symbol of England
Daffodil - national symbol of Wales, new beginnings
Shamrock - national symbol of Ireland
Thistle - national symbol of Scotland
Acorns, oak leaf - strength, endurance
Myrtle - love
Ivy - wedded love, marriage
Lily of the valley - sweetness, humility
Rose (bridal) - happiness, love
Sweet William - grant me one smile
Honeysuckle - the bond of love
Apple blossom - preference, good fortune
White heather - protection, wishes will come true
Jasmine (white) - amiability
Daisy - innocence, beauty, simplicity
Orange blossom - marriage, eternal love, fruitfulness
Lavender - ardent attachment, devotion, success, and luck.

All in all, the event was a day that will forever be marked in history and on my calendar as the first ever Royal wedding I have ever got the pleasure of watching. The wedding was beautifully coordinated and every detail tailored perfectly to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. 

Did you wake up to watch the wedding? What was your favorite moment that stuck out to you? And which flower language would you choose to symbolize your marriage?

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  1. I didn't get to watch but was able to see enough highlights to know she was stunning. This is the first photo I've seen of the cake.. truly a masterpiece. Can you imagine being able to create something like that? Such an art. I would never have the patience... my cupcakes are always lopsided w/ messy frosting. xo


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