April 12, 2011

Surfing on Craigslist and...

This evening, I decided to go on Craigslist and see what little treasures I could find. 
I have to admit I was inspired by two amazing blogs that I could not believe I had not laid my eyes on yet. The first Stepanie at Brooklyn Limestone, a blog about her journey through renovating their 100+ year old limestone home in Brooklyn, New York. 
To say the results are fabulous, is a massive piece of understatement- you must see it to believe it.  
And the second is Rashon at Mr. Goodwill Hunting, a blog about a thrifty thrifter who takes us through the world finding great deals and turning them into a million dollars. He's been on the Nate Berkus show once and is going to be on it a second time very soon!! 
Here is one of my favorite "Before & Afters": Isn't that lamp just fabulous using this years spring colors?

So after being highly inspired to find a piece of furniture in desperate need of TLC, I found the below:

 image 2305881820-1 
image 2305881820-0image 2305881820-2

and thought these could really look fabulous with a facelift.
Then I remembered seeing this before and after on Brooklyn Limestone:


or what about this? another hidden treasure found on craigslist (left) and an inspiration (right)

image 2294249028-0

I've officially been inspired!
What do you think of the pieces? 
What would you do with them? 
{If you see anymore renovated sideboards please pass them along}


  1. lady...i tried to comment on this days ago...but for some reason i can never get comments to go through on my computer at work...so weird!!! anyhow, i LOVE this :) i was so inspired because i am in constant search of great pieces for the home and ways to update them! i am super inspired by the last images...please GET THAT PIECE...so much potential!!!

  2. I love that blue dresser, the second to last pic! Its beautiful and really makes the room POP! I'm going craiglisting as soon as I'm dont posting this comment! Thanks for sharing!



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