May 20, 2011

Words for the Weekend

Tonight I'm headed off to our local High School Graduation Ceremony, where I'm going to watch some awesome teens I've gotten to know, walk down the aisle to get their diploma and start a new chapter of their life. Often I daydream about being back at school and not having to "live in the real world" but in reality life is about living, making memories that will last and growing and learning as you go. And I have to say when I sit down to take it all in, it's pretty amazing if you take each minute at a time, grab opportunities that come your way and walk through that open door. 

Here's to a wonderful weekend for all my lovely readers!
What memories are you making this weekend? 


  1. Such lovely words!!! It is so true...sometimes it seems easier to escape back to the days of not knowing the "real world"...but, YES, the "real world" is our lives and we all must make the best of it :)
    Today, I took time out for myself - took a day trip with a girlfriend, soaked up the sun, just ordered some thai delivery & am going to have a friday date night with my self & watch blue valentine :) This is a day that will stay in my memory always.
    xoxoxo brynn

  2. I hope you had a good weekend! I love that quote :)

  3. I am with you...I often dream of not having to live in the "real world" ... even if it was just for a moment! Congrats to your teens (well, nort "your" teens but the ones you know that are graduating! ;))

    Love that print...I mean Ireally, really love it!

    xx Cat brideblu


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