May 27, 2011

Words for the Weekend


This long memorial weekend is about relaxing, loosing every care and doing some finishing touches to the big plans that are in store for my husband and I. 
{Looking forward to sharing them all with you, very very soon!}
Coco's words are speaking volumes to me right now- BE SOMEONE!


Drinking some tasty drinks, how about this strawberry mojito and eating delicious treats like these mini caprese salads {yummy}.
photos: 1/2/3/4/5

In my dreamworld I would be in Greece on this comfy looking day bed overlooking the glorious blue waters drinking a strawberry mojito but for now I will just daydream. 

Have a wonderful, fun and restful weekend!!

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  1. hope you had a lovely weekend! YUM. those mini capreses. i want to make a whole plate just for me :)


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