June 13, 2011

Fashion 2 Illustration

If I had to pick one talent to have that I currently do not possess, it's the talent of being able to illustrate the most fabulous fashion designs seen on the runways of couture, RTW & resort. Each time I see new work of some of my favorite illustrators or discover a new one whose work I love, I get mesmerized by the oodle amounts of talent they possess. Just look at the attention to detail of the designs when looking at the actual picture to the illustration- I'm often more drawn to the art work. The colors, textures and shading are breathtaking when they all come together in the final design. 
So for now, I will just look and appreciate the beauty of other's talents and imagine one day being where maybe, just maybe I will be able to draw half as good as these talented ladies.    

    Chanel Spring 2010 Couture
Illustrated by Kelly Smith
                      Alexander McQueen Spring 2011 Ready-to-Wear
Illustrated by Kelly Smith
                     Christian Dior Spring 2008 Couture
Illustrated by Kelly Smith
                     Givenchy Fall 2010 Couture
Illustrated by Kelly Smith
         Christian Dior Fall 2010 Couture
Illustrated by Sandra Suy
      Marc by Marc Jacobs Spring 2011 Ready-to-Wear
all runway photos via

Aren't these simply amazing? 
Who is your favorite fashion illustrator? 

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  1. Oh gosh, these girls are so talented. I really hope they have great commercial success - I've been following Kelly Smith for some time now.

  2. Have you ever thought about taking classes or trying to learn from sketch books? I never thought that I had an ounce of drawing talent in me... until I attended a fashion design school where I learned that with enough passion and dedication, I could actually draw pretty decently {not that my skills are anywhere near what you have pictured above, but still!} xoxoxo brynn

  3. oh!!! Great post!!! and thank you very much!<3
    i follow you now!<3


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