June 24, 2011

Friday Fancies No.3: A Roman Holiday

Happy Friday!!!

This week has had a distinct Audrey Hepburn theme to it. 
If you saw my summer bucket list, number two is to watch all the Oscar nominated best pictures and My Fair Lady is one of them. I know I'm going to get a few *gasps* here but I must admit that I had never seen the film. Don't ask me why, I love musicals, romance, England and most of all Audrey Hepburn so you would think it's my perfect movie. 
So the verdict? It was absolutely delightful of course. Audrey is simply one of my favorite actresses and such a pleasure to watch on screen. It's definitely one of my top 5 movies now. 
To continue on the Hepburn week I then watched Roman Holiday, a story of a princess who sneaks out of her palace while on tour in Rome and spends a whole day as a normal woman and after a gorgeous hair cut, some gelato, a vintage scooter ride and a glass of sparkly champagne, she needless to say, falls in love in the gorgeous city of Rome. 
 Once again, wonderful acting and her energy and beauty are so captivating, but what really stood out to me is her outfit she spends the day in while roaming around Rome. Once I saw it, I knew that was going to inspire my Friday Fancies with {AV}.

Friday Fancies: Roman holiday
What's not to love about this 1950's, vintage summer look...
slip into a gorgeous pleated skirt with pockets of course
button up a light cotton blouse
tie a delightful printed scarf around your neck
strap on some leather sandals with a touch of gold
and belt up!

Tonight I'll be carrying on with the Audrey theme as I watch Sabrina.
What lovely plans do you have for this weekend? 
May it be wonderful, relaxing and most of all FUN!!


  1. Oh, I just love it :) I love that you took her adorable style for inspiration and POW, BANG, BOOM! Insta-Audrey chic style delivered straight from your fingertips :) Have a lovely weekend!!! xoxoxo brynn

  2. by the way...i may just pop in breakfast at tiffany's while you are over there watching sabrina ;)

  3. So lovely!! Any of those maxi skirts would look terrific with that white blouse and pretty scarf!! What a terrific fashionista idol!!

  4. great outfit! love scarves and long skirts !!
    xox emily

  5. This is pretty! Have a beautiful week ahead, Kellie xx

  6. Loving the skirts! Such pretty colors!

  7. I love this! Great style board :)


  8. Oh you are spot on. Love the vintage 1950's look! The Fendi gathered skirt is georg!

    XO Lindsay

  9. I love those skirts. So cute and so modest. I also loved that movie. I'll take anything with Audrey in it. She was so classy ^_^

    Visiting from Friday's Fancies...
    Have a fabulous week

  10. I've always loved her style in that movie, I remember wanting the gown she wore at the ballroom scene :D

  11. Love it! That Vivienne Westwood top is so cute!

  12. loving the theme :) your blog is fab!

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  13. Such a great post!! Great inspiration and I love all of your suggestions!


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