June 14, 2011

On stranger tides

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Today I started a new temp job- funnily enough in the same building but different company, I worked for over a year ago. So no problems with getting to know the people or my way around but I'm a stranger to the 5:30 AM alarm clock. 
Just imagine being a stranger on these tides...


  1. Can I please go there now? That might be the most perfect place for a hammock!

  2. It's not everyday you work in the same building but with a diff company, but that's great you see familiar faces. On another note, I would LOVE to lay in that hammock out in the sea. SO dreamy...

  3. Beautiful photos :) I am sending you all the best wishes on your new gig! Ah, lady...I miss ya! Sorry I have been a little mia lately! I think I am just trying to juggle too many things at once lately!!! Thanks for all of the love...I appreciate it so much :) xoxoxo brynn

  4. Good luck with the new job! It is so much less nerve wracking when you know the people and the building. Here's wishing I was in that hammock right now!


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