June 6, 2011

Plumage Perfection

Has anyone seen the colorscope put together by Paper-Source
A collection of beautiful colors paired with personality traits.
When you first look at it, try your hardest not to read the descriptions but rather pick the color that jumps out at you first! 
I often take these little fun things a little too seriously and often over think it but in the end I choose peacock- as I'm a big fan of turquoises and teals.

 Which then reminded me of this gorgeous picture below that I came across which inspired me to do a little of my own color scoping minus the words!

Plumage Palette
The feathers of a peacock have to be one of the most amazing and inspiring color palette in nature. I can just imagine having a few outfits that incorporate all these colors. You wold definitely be making a bold statement just like the peacock does when you ruffle your plumage!!

So tell me lovely ladies, what's your colorscope?


  1. Very cool post. I'm going to go colorscope now! Thanks for the fun tip! I wonder what color I will be

  2. Love this idea. It seems I fit into the 'black' category (ha ha how appropriate at the moment) but I am not very serious!


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