June 3, 2011

Words for the Weekend


Life truly is an adventure that takes you anywhere you dare to go, 
along a straight or windy path,
with detours or shortcuts
colored bright pink and surrounded by beautiful tulips.
Whichever the path you choose, make the most of it and learn as much as you can on the way!

Today I wanted to insert something new to the "words for the weekend" weekly special and give a shout out to some of my favorite posts and new blogs I've discovered. 
It's truly amazing all the talent and great people out there and here is my way of saying 
"Thank you"

If you follow madebygirl {which I'm sure all you do as Jen and her blog are fabulous}, she featured some beautiful walk in closets from some of her readers and they all have great blogs to boot, go check them out for some great inspiration and the tricks behind the closets:
Gemma from LOVE Gemsy
Jenny from Domestic Jenny
& Camila from I am leaving 2day

Next up we have a great post from Ms.Pink over at The Pink and Blue blog who featured a home devastated by two fires in Australia which was carefully reconstructed both times by it's loyal owner. You have too see the pictures to believe it. Truly AMAZING!

On to some pieces of fashion eye candy, Ashley over at ashley nicole catherine featured the new collaboration  with JCrew and Prabal Gurung which I'm pleasantly surprised at, with
 the gorgeous large bows and beautiful colors and materials. It's probably going to be sold out as soon as it hits the website let alone the stores!! But the lookbook will take the edge off!

And last but not least, is the nautical navy inspired outfit put together by Kelly over at Fabulous K and this outfit is nothing short of FABULOUS.
Go and check it out and tell me what piece you just have to have!! 
I think mine are those striped sandals= LOVE THEM. 

Enjoy all the inspiration from the blog world this lovely Friday evening. 
I'm so very glad it's the weekend and looking very much forward to a glass or two of Cupcake Vineyards Pinot Noir!

To all my lovely readers, Have a great weekend!!
What goodness have you got planned?



  1. Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog and for these links - I hope you enjoyed looking through the maison du monde website they have so much lovely stuff. Have a lovely weekend.

  2. Great words to start the week! I am completely in love with that field of tulips!


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