June 11, 2011

Words for the Weekend

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Happiness comes down to a choice and we all have the ability and free will to make that choice. Like we choose what to eat or wear for the day, we choose whether to make that day a happy one or not so happy one. As many mantras for life are appealing, they are often easier said than done but through my experiences, when you really make the conscious effort to be happy and to be the person you want to be
 you feel lighter, you feel happier, you feel like you!

Now on to what...

[i] LoveLife

in the fabulous blogging world....

Oh Happy Day, recently discovered Jordan Ferney's blog {where have I been??} and spent hours looking through all her Paris photos and just fell in love. Take a look at this post of a Paris Flea Market. That is my idea of heaven. 
{By the way, she is giving away a trip to Paris- flight and accommodation included, almost too good to be true}

A great travel blog from Catherine called Photo Journeyling, showcasing incredible photos from around the world! Join her on her travels!

Some of my favorite posts this week were from:
*Christine at Bijou and Boheme. I just love her Fashion meets editorials & Fashion meets interiors posts, her pairings are amazing! She has such a great eye for style and design. Also, she got a fabulous sponsor, who sells fabulous clutches- head on over there to see who it is!

*Diner en Blanc from Anne at Pret a Voyager is another amazing post. I won't begin to describe what's it about as you have to see it to believe it {as if you need another reason to visit let alone live in Paris}.
Can you tell my mind is on Paris this week??!! :)

*CFDA shots from Jamie Beck at From me to you. Her photos are AMAZING and all over the blog world especially Pinterest! Another site, I stay hours at a time looking through pages and pages of beauty and talent.

Hope you enjoy all these finds as much as I did and enjoy your weekend!
Do you have any special plans? 


  1. Thanks for sharing these links. Gonna check it out :)

  2. Ah how sweet are you...thanks for the mention sweetie- totally made my day!! So looking forward to checking out all of these other links:)

  3. I cannot wait to check out all these links! I am a Bijou and Boheme subscriber, and I totally agree about that post!

  4. Great words for the weekend! Checking out the links now...

  5. Great links and great quote! Hope you had a wonderful weekend!


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