September 13, 2013

Perfect Fall Outfit

Today the weather got a little cooler in our neck of the woods and it got me thinking of the perfect fall outfit. Last week I saw this fall outfit and instantly fell in love. However, most of the items of Emerald's outfit were thrifted or a few years old so I went hunting to get the look and this is the result:

wool blazer | breton stripe top | skinny jeans | long sleeve tee | leather oxfords | flower scarf

For me, a wool blazer is a must have piece for fall time and I love this one from Jack Wills, classic British style and reminds me of my time spent growing up there. The stripes remind me of southern France and my summers spent there with my family. So for me wearing this outfit would be like wearing very fond memories. And of course, every fall outfit needs a scarf! 

What is your must have piece for fall? 


  1. Ah I am dying over that wool blazer! So chic for fall!

    1. Isn't it so beautifully tailored. You know it's going to keep you warm, cozy and chic!


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