December 20, 2013

Domestic Tensions | Part 1

A woman, trapped in a conventional role
Watching her dreams deteriorate as she lives a life without significance.
Drowning in the mediocrity of life, disconnected, claustrophobic and restrained.
Affluent, unhappy in every way. Something evanescent lacking in her life.
    She finds solace in her dresses and in the delicate pearls around her neck and wrist. 
    She's goes through the motions of everyday life, keeping a prim and proper facade.
 Her emotions have become as bleak as the cold stark winter. 
                                               Held between her fingers, massaging like a worry stone.          
Will she escape the domesticated life and find happiness and contentment? Is happiness is even a remote possibility?

What's on her mind? The tensions of her daily domestic life escalate. 
Is she ready to break free or into a million of pieces? 
At the end of the day she ends up in the confined walls. 
A symbol of defeat or a ritual cleansing that allows her to awake and start another day? 

A few moments from behind the scenes: 

Editorial Shoot:

Photography | Glenn Hall Photography
Photography Assistant | Suzanne Roach Photography 
Styling and Copy | Amber Barnett 
Location | Badgett Estate, Grand Rivers, KY 
Make-up | Face Makeup Artistry- Erin Hendley
Hair | Jean Schrage
Model | Audra Todd
Clothing | Creatures of Habit

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