February 7, 2014

Style 03: Bundled Up

The extended and extremely cold winter we have been experiencing here in Kentucky leaves you strongly wishing for spring time. But I've found that if you can bear the cold long enough to take a brisk walk, there is so much beauty of a bleak winter to take in. The smell of crisp clean air, the refreshing feeling of the cold hitting your cheeks, and the sense of rejuvenation running through the body as your blood begins to pump faster. I thoroughly enjoy this experience but admittedly, not for very long! That's why I never leave the house without my two winter essentials: a trusty wool trench and a knitted infinity scarf. They allow me to bare the cold and enjoy the true season of winter. 

All photos by the talented Glenn Hall Photography

Outfit details: Laundry Black Trench Coat | Knitted infinity scarf (similar here) | 

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