April 7, 2014

Hair Tutorial 01: Spring Side Braid Bun

SPRING- it's officially here and I don't think I've ever looked forward to a change in season as much as I have this one. The change in season brings about a feeling of rebirth, re-invigoration and renewal. One effortless way I've found to embrace the welcoming change is to freshen up my hair and makeup. As trivial as this may sound, it's truly the simple things in life that can make all the difference. 

When I was daydreaming about spring time a few weeks ago, I was automatically drawn to loose, natural braids and PANTONE's color of the year- radiant orchid. Both of them emulated the feeling of spring which, after large amounts of snow and cold, I was longing for. So I asked my hair stylist, Jean, and make-up artist, Erin, to help me come up with two spring inspired hair styles and make-up looks that incorporated braids and radiant orchid which I'll be sharing over the next two weeks. 

Braiding has always intimidated me until now and it's truly such a quick and easy way to spruce up those locks. The first look is a side braid bun up do which is a fun way to take the traditional braid and add some 'spring' to it (pun intended). Happy braiding and happy Spring!

  1. Brush hair into side parting and section off hair into 3 main sections- top left, top right and bottom.  
  2. Begin by braiding the top left section in a straight down direction and secure with clear, small rubber band.  Then braid the top right section, moving the hair slightly to the right as you braid so that it curves. Secure the braid.
  3. Take each individual braid and twist into bun, twisting the second bun around the first to create one bun on the side of the head. Secure with bobby pins. 
  4. Unclip the bottom section of hair, taking individual pieces of hair and curl with a curling iron. Lightly brush hands through the curls to give it a more natural look. Spray with hairspray et voila.  
To give it the full spring look add a beautiful bloom in the bun!

I would love to see your Spring inspired braided looks- use the hashtag #springinyourhair so we can all inspire each other!

photography: Glenn Hall
art direction and styling: Amber Barnett

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