April 10, 2014

Make-up Tutorial 01: Radiant Orchid Eyes

The full embracing of Spring continues with a fresh and dramatic eye. With spring in our hair, it's time to add some to our make-up. When collaborating with Erin, we knew we wanted to incorporate PANTONE's color of the year, Radiant Orchid, into the make-up to evoke the feeling of spring and of brighter, sunnier days. One great way to make a statement is through the eyes. The eyes can say so much, often more than words. They can hold our deepest thoughts, desires and be a window to our souls. So we decided to go striking and bold! 

Erin is such a talented make-up artist and created this beautiful and custom radiant orchid color eye shadow just for this look. She also has her own line of amazing cosmetics available at her studio, f.a.c.e make-up artistry, in downtown Paducah, KY, that you should definitely check out if your local. 

On a day to day basis, I usually keep my make-up subtle and neutral so after Erin created this look I was amazed at the transformation and how adding some color to the eye really made them POP. It's convinced me to go bolder this spring and take more color risks. Hope that you get as inspired as I did to go big or go home!   

  1. Start with a light and freshly covered face in your foundation of choice. Using a spooly brush, brush up eyebrows so that they look full. 
  2. Fill in the eyebrows to create a more dramatic brow. 
  3. Starting with a light base skin tone color, apply to the whole eye, from lash line to eyebrow. 
  4. Repeat this on the opposite side. TIP: When creating an eye look, start with a lighter shade of color, adding a medium shade and then a dark shade. For brown eyes, use a brown color base. 
  5. Using a standard eye shadow brush, take a medium shade brown and go all over the eyelid, lash line to crease. Repeat on opposite eye. 
  6. With the darker brown shade, apply to the outer corners of the eye for depth. 
  7. Blend the colors together for an even look. TIP: If you want a more dramatic eye, repeat steps 4 and 5 and keep adding the colors. 
  8. Looking up and continuing to use the eye shadow brush, apply a light line of the darker brown just below the lower eye lid.  
  9. Apply concealer under both eyes. 
  10. Apply a thin line of liquid eyeliner on the upper lash line. Start in the corner of the eye working out. 
  11. Apply black mascara to both eyes. TIP: Coat on top and bottom of each lash line, blinking into the mascara. 
  12. Add color into the cheeks with bronzer and blush, applying it underneath the cheekbone. 
  13. Outline lips with a lip colored liner, mimicking the shape of lips. 
  14. Using a neutral colored lip gloss blend with lipstick brush.
  15. Take the 'radiant orchid' eye shadow and apply to the outer corners. For a more striking look, keep adding more of this color and blending.  
  16. Finish off by adding more color to cheeks if desired and there you have a fresh, bold and radiant spring look!  
I would love to see your radiant spring make-up looks- use the hashtag #springinyourface so we can all inspire each other! 

make-up: Erin Hendley - F.a.c.e. Makeup Artistry
hair: Jean Schrage
photography: Glenn Hall
art direction + styling: Amber Barnett

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