April 21, 2014

Style 05: Musings on Nature and 34 Week Belly

"It's essential to become comfortable in nature. Only there can you realize just how small and powerless you are. There's something calming and peaceful in accepting that idea." 

As I carry my 34 week little girl in my belly, I feel more connected to nature than ever. Maybe it's something to do with the nesting stage or the heightened emotions that come along with pregnancy but I feel more appreciative of the small, beautiful things around me. Perhaps it comes from knowing that the life inside of me is so precious and as delicate as the new buds and blooms forming on the trees and that the moments with this new life will be as fleeting yet so beautiful as the flowers that pop up from the ground one week and are gone the next. I take comfort in knowing that you can hold on to those memories, those emotions, those moments. As you hold on to a mental image of the beauty of Spring as it's just sprung, so you even hold on more steadfastly to the everlasting memories and moments that will be created with the new amazing, precious, miracle of a life that you have carried and nurtured.  

It's rather amazing at how nature and life are so very connected, intertwined, especially a new life. As the earth is refreshed and rebirths itself from a dark cold, dark slumber so does a new life as it enters the world- fresh, new, vulnerable and beautiful.      

As I lay there on the cool ground surrounded by the most delicate blooms, looking up at the blue sky, a sense of wonder and of amazement came over me. It was so refreshing and peaceful to be so close to nature. A moment in time that I wish could have lasted for a long while. But in life I've come to learn that it's about fully appreciating and being fully present in the moment, enjoying it and soaking it up while it's there because you never know when it may happen again. 

Outfit details: Free People White Soft Jacket (thrifted) | Abercrombie & Fitch Tank (last season) | Hollister Floral Jeans (last season) 

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